Honeybirds Playschool


Ms. Juli serves as Director

Ms. Juliana (Juli for short) brings over a decade of experience in working with small children, as well as a diverse multi-cultural background that includes fluency in Spanish and French.  She has experience working with different cultures, varying ages, and special needs children. Juliana brings a deeper understanding of the children’s needs while preparing them for what is ahead.  Ms. Juli loves to play and be silly with the children, and can often be found pretending to be an animal and/or friendly monster. She also serves as the school director and administrator - she loves organizing and figuring out logistics! Juliana studied psychology and African American, Puerto Rican, and Latino studies at Hunter College. She enjoys being a visual artist, gardening, and reading for her book club when she isn't playing pretend with preschoolers. 

Ms. Tamar is the lead teacher at Honeybirds. 

Tamar Grimm-Feeser has two decades of experience working with young children and raising her daughter. She was a founding teacher at The Brooklyn Waldorf School and led a nursery and mixed-aged afternoon program. Tamar trained and received her Master's of Waldorf Early Childhood Education at Sunbridge Institute in Chestnut Ridge, NY. She has a deep curiosity for and love of the natural world and loves to share this sense of wonder with young children through storytelling, puppetry, and gardening. She loves traveling and uses her adventures as fodder and inspiration for her stories. Her experience teaching children in an urban environment has led her to embrace the rhythmic warmth, artistry and holistic approach that Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf pedagogy provides as a palliative to urban living. Additionally, she loves the diversity of cultures, languages and potential friendships around every corner. One of her favorite aspects of teaching young children is to support their imaginative free play and to be fully present for the resourcefulness and joy their imaginations bring to each day.

Ms. Meg and Ms. Juli in 2015 with students

Ms. Meg and Ms. Juli in 2015 with students