Honeybirds Playschool


The first iteration of Honeybirds was created as a small playgroup in 2012 by a partnership between Megan Williams and a group of like-minded families. Prior to teaching at Honeybirds, Ms. Meg was a lead kindergarten teacher at the Berlin Cosmopolitan School in Germany and helped create and taught the afternoon program at the Brooklyn Waldorf School. She received her teacher certification from the Micha-el Institute, as well as studied Bio-Dynamic Farming  at the Pfeiffer Center. The first version of Honeybirds was a parent-led homeschool co-operative for 2 years, briefly joining forces with the RAD school. In the summer of 2014, Megan Williams partnered with Juliana Pinto McKeen to create Honeybirds Playschool: a teacher-led co-operative school with an emphasis on community-building, high-quality, affordable education, and support for all caregivers. Meg left Honeybirds Playschool in the summer of 2017 to pursue new adventures in Portugal.

Ms. Meg and Ms. Juli in the. Spring of 2015

Ms. Meg and Ms. Juli in the. Spring of 2015

Located in Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, Honeybirds Playschool is a play- and nature-based preschool program. We are committed to diversity and representing the wonderful community in which we work. We believe that school is just one part of a unified, cohesive plan for early childhood development and are looking for families that wish to continue the development work at home.   We believe early development is crucial and not to be trivialized. We are methodical in our work and encourage children to learn social and physical skills through play. 

Our philosophy is "be kind." 

  • Be kind to yourself – love and take care of your body. Eat well, exercise, and have a high regard for yourself as a person.

  • Be kind to your friends – be aware of your body and space, use kind words, and help your friends when they are in need.

  • Be kind to the world – attempt to understand our impact on the world and use ecologically sound practices.

The work we do at Honeybirds is based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and inspired by Waldorf pedagogy.